Poem: Before I Loved You

I have never expected to fall in love,

with you least of all.

There was a time where I barely knew you,

a time long ago where I hardly remembered your name,

but now I wonder,

how was that ever so?


I was once blind to you,

caught up in the allure of others.

I was young and foolish then, when my eyes were closed,

back before I saw you.


I have learned so much since then,

I have seen the truth of your being. It’s frustrating,

thinking about how much time I wasted,

remembering all the times I forgot you,

now wishing that you knew the guilt I feel.


I won’t lie to you, I never will.

You are flawed. You are

stubborn, confrontational, almost too outspoken,

and brutally honest in a way I can’t quite comprehend.


But you are kind,

and you are loyal and brave,

you are loving and strong.

I was truly was a fool,

back before I loved you.


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