Poem: Refused to Forget

He thought that he owned the world;

that everyone in it was his to command,

that the ground upon which he walked

should be kissed,

and that his word

was law.


He stood above the others,

looked down his nose at them,

and none dared to challenge him.

None save for one, one who was not afraid

of him.


She bided her time, she counted the days,

she waited for the end of his reign,

for he was one who tried to claim her,

one who saw her as naught but a girl.

She never forgave

and she refused to forget.


She was there the day he pushed too far,

the day his ego spiraled out of control.

She was more than just a girl,

more than she appeared. And she would

not remain silent.


He thought that he owned the world,

that he owned everyone in it;

he believed himself to be flawless,

worthy of everyone’s praise.

But he was selfish and cruel,

greedy and inhospitable.


But he

did not




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