About the Author

Hello! In the interest of legality, it’s worth noting that my legal name is Caitlyn, but I mostly prefer to be called Spencer. I turned 17 in May and completed my junior year of high school in the same month. I’ll soon be applying to colleges and entering my senior year of high school.

I enjoy reading, writing, cleaning and organizing (yes, really!), playing video games, watching anime, and I’ve recently gotten into bullet journals. I also love nature, plants, animals, conservation, learning languages, and some other nerdy things like the Marvel cinematic universe, Star Trek (both the recent movies and the original series), and occasionally watching some folks on YouTube play games that I can’t afford to buy.  In the way of reading and writing, my favorite authors are J.R.R. Tolkien, Mark Lawrence, Marie Lu, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I love the fantasy genre and aspire to be a fantasy author myself one day. I do know that writing may not be a reliable career as it is generally difficult to establish yourself as an author, and so I’m also looking into printing/publishing or professional organizing career paths. I’m still pretty young, though, so there’s a lot of options I haven’t explored yet that I may one day find that I’m interested in!

I’ve started this blog as a place to post some of my original works (both poetry and prose). Honestly, I’ve also established this site as something I may be able to put on my college applications; I plan to major in English, and having an extracurricular like a writing blog seemed like a good plan. I don’t know if the schools I plan to apply to are going particularly care about this place, but I figure that it’s best to have something like this ready for them in case they do!

That all being said, I hope some of you enjoy reading the things I post! ♡