Poem: Woman

A sudden lancing pain

spreading out from that place,

body trying to adjust to the strain

while trying to find comfort in an embrace.


A dripping of blood

staining red the fabric that was once white,

as hearts continue to thud

trying to keep from crying in the night.


An explosion of fear

as you’re told to take a bow,

congratulations, my dear,

you’re a woman now.


Poem: Overrun

How much do you have to give?

How much life do you have left to live?

Once there was a light in your eyes;

I have always known it to be a disguise.


One day the light went out.

One day it was replaced with doubt.

Each and every year,

the light is overrun by fear.


You used to carry love in your heart,

You used to feel like you could never fall apart.

Now you look up at the sky,

and you wonder if it would be better to just


Poem: Distinctly Aware

I have always been distinctly aware

of the space I occupy,

always wondering

if it’s




I have always been distinctly aware

of every set of eyes that fall upon me,

always wondering

what they think when

they look

at me.


I have always been distinctly aware

of the threat that comes with

being a woman, and yet,

I wonder how much I need to worry

because why would they

pay attention

to me?