Memoir: A Portrait of Summer

There were always harvestmen on the bricks.

When I was a child, a younger one than I am now, I passed the summer days at my home away from home. While my nana, my guardian, was at work those days, I went to stay with my Grammy. Her house was always special, almost as special as she herself. She was a woman from a different time, long ago when dust still gripped Oklahoma and children walked uphill both ways to get to and from school each day. There was a certain smell in her house, one that I’ve gone too long without smelling to describe in understandable terms. It smelled like comfort. The air in that house was different from anywhere else, full of floating cat fur and the memories of the four children that were raised there long before my existence was even thought of. It was a place away from all other places, warm and welcoming and full of orange juice and toast. Full of love.

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OOC: Introduction

There’s a quote that says, “What one likes, one will do well.” I can’t say that I know the origin of that quote, but I can say that it motivates me to do a lot of things. In fact, the idea of getting better and doing well at something that I like is one of the things that brought me here.

Hi. My name is Spencer. Well, actually, according to my birth certificate, my name is Caitlyn, but I’ve had a fascination with the name Spencer for so long that it eventually made sense to just start using it as my own name. My friends call me Spence. I’ll answer to any of those three names, whichever floats your boat. I’m not overly picky.

Anyways. Like I was saying. My name is Spencer. I’m an aspiring author, hoping one day to use my stories to make people happy the way the stories of other authors have made me. I’ve been writing for a long time now, but I can’t say that I’ve been very liberal about posting my works. There’s been the odd fan fiction about my favorite characters, there’s been the rare poem lost in the jungle of Tumblr, and there’s an unfinished story or two somewhere on an abandoned WattPad. I’ve decided that it’s really time for me to branch out and post more of my original work in a place where, hopefully, it doesn’t get totally lost among cat gifs and One Direction reader-insert stories. (I mean, I love cat gifs as much as the next girl, but sometimes you really just want someone to notice you instead of the cat, y’know?)

More information about me can be found on this blog’s About page. I’m currently working on a page dedicated to my writing history, so that will also be going up soon. I truly hope that at least one of you people out there finds some kind of joy from reading my writing. Because, really, that’s all I want to do: make people happy.